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Find Your Passion and Take Your Career to New Heights

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

“Passion and purpose go hand in hand. When you discover your purpose, you will normally find it’s something you’re tremendously passionate about.” – Unknown

I worked in a dead end job for many years, which I hated. It was never my dream gig, not by a long shot, and it did not excite me. Moreover, neither the job nor the environment motivated me to excel or to maximize my full potential. I needed a change, but, most importantly, I needed career inspiration to keep me motivated day-to-day.

Whether it is to re-frame your workplace goals and objectives or to assess the reason for working in a job, everyone needs a little career inspiration at regular intervals. It is also encouraging to know that others have been through this quandary before, so it is helpful to read and learn from the experiences of others who have made a career change to pursue their passion with poise, exuberance, and tenacity.

You will never discover your passion or ideal career path by sitting around pondering a change. The process of finding your passion entails tapping into the gifts and talents that are specific to you. Identify what matters to you, because your values are the road map to your perfect career. Remember, skills can be learned, but your passion is a part of who you are. Pursue your passion with confidence and determination!

My dead-end job was frustrating, and I forced myself to make a change by assessing what I would love to do even if I was not being paid. Surprisingly, my assessment led me to fantasize about teaching and developing others. Today, I am passionate about my career as a professor!

The process of connecting your unique interests, motivations, passions, and understanding your authentic self, will give you the power in your chosen discipline others can never claim. If you pursue your passion, you will find yourself not only in a position of power but, ultimately, in a job for which you will earn money on your terms.

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